What is Gigafi?

GigaFi is an experience. Imagine this: Huge downloads and uploads happening in seconds, cloud storage that’s as fast as local storage, multiple simultaneous HD video streams and next-gen video conferencing... the list of possibilities is practically endless!

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The Gigafi Experience

Go Limitless with 2 Gig Internet

2 Gig

Now offering speeds up to 2 Gigs! Connect tons of devices with no lag and no down time. When you sign up for the fastest speed available you’ll also get Enhanced Whole Home Wi-Fi FREE!
Reliable. Local. 24/7/365.

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High-Speed Internet Features

What You'll Get with GigaFi!

Protected When Connected

If it's connected, it's protected! Access network-level security that protects EVERY device connected to your Wi-Fi.

Your home's incoming network traffic is proactively monitored. Anything suspicious is automatically blocked. Users are notified whenever a security issue is triggered with all details provided about the device, where and when it was attacked.

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Whole Home Coverage

Built for the modern home, connect 100s of devices without affecting your network. Stronger whole home coverage that's less affected by interference eliminates dead spots.

Get the same great Wi-Fi quality no matter where you roam in your home!

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Installed & Certified

It is our goal to provide superior customer service alongside our reliable internet and whole home Wi-Fi.

To do this, each installation is certified prior to leaving your home. We connect and then thoroughly test your connection and Wi-Fi to ensure your home is 100% covered.

Local office, local technicians. Just minutes away!

Get the support you need, when you need it from our knowledgable and local technicians.
Delivering superior customer experiences from right here in the Lowcountry!

Home Telecom Gigafi Office
Home Telecom Gigafi Office