What is Gigafi?

GigaFi is an experience. Imagine this: Huge downloads and uploads happening in seconds, cloud storage that’s as fast as local storage, multiple simultaneous HD video streams and next-gen video conferencing... the list of possibilities is practically endless!

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The Gigafi Experience

Go Limitless with 2 Gig Internet

2 Gig

Now offering speeds up to 2 Gigs! Connect tons of devices with no lag and no down time. When you sign up for the fastest speed available you’ll also get Enhanced Whole Home Wi-Fi FREE!
Reliable. Local. 24/7/365.

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Gigafi is Future-Ready

Modern Homes and Businesses Need Modern Technology

GigaFi is ready for the future and as a Nexton business or resident you can rest assured that your internet service will always be prepared to handle the next big thing!

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High-Speed Internet Features

What You'll Get with GigaFi!

Local office, local technicians. Just minutes away!

Get the support you need, when you need it from our knowledgable and local technicians.
Delivering superior customer experiences from right here in the Lowcountry!

Home Telecom Gigafi Office
Home Telecom Gigafi Office