What is GigaFi?

GigaFi is more than just speed; it’s the Nexton technology experience. It is managed Wi-Fi in businesses and homes with community Wi-Fi everywhere else. It is HD everything and being connected everywhere. It isn’t just internet, but what can be done when constraints are lifted. It is what will drive innovation to our area and what will bring what was thought of as conveniences of tomorrow to Nexton today.

The GigaFi experience is exclusive to Nexton as a result of the technology partnership formed between Nexton and Home Telecom. Nexton’s 100% fiber network, powered by Home Telecom, is capable of delivering gigabit speeds. Other telecom providers frequently boast about their fiber optic networks. While those fiber networks may be in the area, their connections to homes and businesses are much slower because they are non-fiber. And, since a chain is only as strong as its weakest link, you end up not getting all of the benefits of fiber. Home Telecom, on the other hand, provides a fiber-optic connection directly into every home and business in Nexton. Indeed, whether one is seated at a desk in a corporate headquarters or on a park bench, complete, reliable, and redundant internet access to the rest of the world is available. And, it is fast!

What is Multi-Gigabit Internet?

Home Telecom is proud to announce the launch of multi-gig internet exclusively in Nexton first! Having flawless, multi-device, multi-user, “big gig” future-proof internet makes performing your online activities seamless. The internet in general (and ultra-fast speeds specifically) are becoming as fundamental in your home and business as your electricity and water services, so it needs to be just as reliable. Access to high speed, multi-gigabit internet is a game changer for connected homes with 20+ smart devices. What currently takes 14 seconds to download with 1 Gbps, is now done in a flash of 1 second! Stronger, faster, and a more consistent connection for unlimited mobile and smart devices including streaming services, virtual assistants, virtual reality headsets, online gaming, video teleconferencing, and working from home - all with no lag and ultrafast Wi-Fi.

What makes GigaFi unique?

GigaFi is unique, because by servicing every home and business directly with fiber to the premises, every subscriber is able to get the fastest speeds available today and in the future. No matter what the future brings, having a direct fiber connection ensures that you will be able to experience it. And, local customer service representatives and technicians are also located in Nexton for extremely fast response times.

Fiber services also have increased reliability over other methods of service delivery because it is less susceptible to inclement weather, such as lightning, and it is easier to maintain remotely.  Potential network issues can be identified and resolved seamlessly to you. 

The aesthetics are another benefit of Fiber services. With Fiber, you do not have any large green boxes in your front yard that you have to try to hide. Fiber pedestals are completely flush with your grass, so you can keep your front yard looking great and free of clutter.

What is Fiber-To-The-Home (FTTH)?

FTTH is a method of delivering telecommunications services.  Most service providers rely on copper or coaxial wire to deliver services from their core network to customers’ homes.  Home Telecom, on the other hand, uses fiber directly from our core all the way into each individual home.  Frequently, other providers boast about their fiber optic networks, but what they don’t tell you is that while those fiber networks may be in your neighborhood, their connections to your home are much slower because they are non-fiber. And, since a chain is only as strong as its weakest link, you end up not getting the benefit of fiber-optic speed. We provide the widest bandwidth and, highest speed internet through a fiber-optic connection that runs directly into your home.

What is an Optical Network Terminal (ONT)?

An ONT is the termination point where the fiber connects to your home. It converts the optical signals into voice, data, or video feeds that your home's inside wiring delivers. In Nexton, the ONT also contains a wireless access point that enables Home Telecom’s managed MyWiFi services.

The ONT requires electrical power from your home to operate. In the event of a power failure, none of your services, including telephone, will work. You will not be able to make or receive calls, including 911 calls, unless you have battery backup power for the ONT. When you order your services you will have the option to purchase a battery backup for the ONT.

Should I get a backup battery?

Historically, telephone service was powered by electricity within the telephone network. Fiber does not have the ability to conduct electricity the same way that copper wires did, so battery backup is required to enable telephone services in the event of a power failure at your home. If you would like for telephone service to function in the event of a power outage, you must obtain a backup battery. A new, fully charged backup battery will provide four to eight hours of battery backup power. Actual results will vary, depending, among other things, on battery age, usage patterns, and environmental conditions, including temperature extremes and fluctuations. It is also important to note that in the event of a power outage, cordless phones will not function without their own backup battery.

Home Telecom’s recommendation is to purchase the backup battery and maintain one corded phone connected directly to your in-home wiring for use in the event of a power failure. Additionally, you should always have an alternative means of dialing 911, such as a mobile telephone.

If you have a monitored home alarm or monitored medical device that uses Home Telecom Voice or internet service as the communications pathway, your monitored alarm will not function during a power outage without battery backup power for your Home Telecom voice or internet service, as applicable. It is recommended that you subscribe to an alternative communications pathway such as cellular backup for your monitored alarm or medical device.

Home Telecom shall have no liability for the failure of your services, including 911 services, to function during a power outage, including failure due to the absence or insufficiency of battery backup power.

If I purchase a battery, does Home Telecom monitor the status of my battery? How will I know if it needs to be replaced?

If you subscribe to Home Telecom’s SafeGuard service, Home Telecom will monitor the status of your battery and provide a replacement for you when necessary. It will be your responsibility to install the battery at the ONT.

If you do not subscribe to SafeGuard it is your sole responsibility for monitoring the backup battery and you will need to replace it when necessary.

GigaFi Living Lab of Nexton Tests MyWiFi X Technology

As part of the Nexton/Home Telecom technology partnership, the Nexton Community is designated as the “GigaFi Living Lab!” That means you will be the first to experience any new technology before it becomes available anywhere else. We want to hear what you think about any new cutting-edge service made available to the Nexton community first!